Coffee size, dessert size…. It depends how hungry you are, right?!

The standard measurement in the cakey world for a coffee sized portion is 1”x1”.  Don’t forget if the cake is 4” high, you are getting a slice that is 1” by 1” by 4” long.  It’s still not a small slice of cake!  And chances are it’s so delicious that you are going to want seconds (thirds?!) anyway.

A dessert size serving is 1” by 2” by the 4” long.  So more likely to be served as a dessert with ice cream.

For those of you now totally confused by inches, an inch is basically 2.5cm.  2 inches is 5cm, and 4”  is 10cm!

Here are some charts to help you identify a possible size.  Remember the sizes are just an approximation as everyone cuts cake differently and sees sizes differently ! 😉


Cake size and serving guide

1 Tier Round

1 Tier Square

Please note: that you will get more serves out of a square cake than a round cake.  You will also find that if you are at a venue where the staff are cutting the cakes, then they will be able to get more serves out of a cake.  I will include a handy cutting guide for you when you pick up your cake to guide you.


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